Thursday, March 31, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 1

I thought what better way to get into this blogging world than to be forced to post every day!
Day 1 Challenge: Post a photo of yourself and tell how your day was

        Okay, so I posted two. But one is during and one is (almost) the result! This was taken at the High Temple on our honeymoon in Belize... it was super steep to climb up - but even more treacherous going down! But man the view was worth it!! The second pic is me almost to the top, but all those pictures include Ian too ;-)
        Today was a good day! Started with an AWESOME Zumba Toning session. I get so much more out of this version - zumba (latin/hip hop dancing) + hand's cardio and toning in one!
Unfortunately today also included a trip to the doc for some jaw and inner ear pain, only to have him tell me he really has no clue what is going on...but in true Army doc form, I got my extra strength ibuprofen!
        But my afternoon perked up exponentially with mani's and pedi's with my two amazing AZ girlfriends, Ashley and Nichole. Must do this again soon :-)
        Now, I'm off to make some chicken and mushroom enchilada's for me and the hubs...check back soon for the recipe! (If it turns out a success!)

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  1. Very, very cool! Yes, manis and pedis again soon! We missed you at the dog park!