Friday, July 8, 2011

MilSpouse Friday Fill-In

MilSpouse Friday Fill-In

This week seemed to fly by and I am very happy about it! One more week closer to going house-hunting in Clarksville and seeing my mom! 

1. Does you significant other read your blog? Is this a good or a bad thing? He does when he thinks about it but not always. This is probably good because there's some things that I can articulate better in writing than I can in person at times, so he gets more insight in a way.  

2. What is one item in your house that holds the most sentimental value and why? I am extremely sentimental about several things, and pictures usually top the list! When we were preparing to evacuate because of the fires, I gathered all our albums and favorite framed pictures. But my #1 piece, that I would be inconsolable if I ever lost, is the necklace my parents gave my for my college graduation. Not only is it beautiful,timeless, and goes with anything, but it is made with the diamond that was in my grandmother's wedding ring. It is precious to me for so many reasons. 

Good shot of the necklace - just excuse my skin, I had an allergic reaction in Belize! 

3. When it comes to water fun in the summer do you prefer the beach, pool, lake or sprinkler? While I love the beach, I would have to go with a lake or river...I love intertubing, water skiing, boating, etc., plus you can picnic and just lay on the sand like you would do at the beach anyway! 

Having a blast on the river with my friend Rachel while staying at my friend Jared's cabin

4. What is the one special thing that you do for yourself to get you through the first week of a deployment/separation? I have only been through one deployment, but I went home to my parents for a few days. It was nice to be away from our home and remove myself from the Army world for a little bit and surround myself with the comforts of my childhood home. But at the end of the week I got together with some other Army wives, which was also great because we knew we were all in this together! 

5. What is your biggest guilty pleasure website? I love catching the recaps of some of my favorite shows on Entertainment Weekly. The recaps of The Bachelorette and Real Housewives are particularly hilarious and I love reading all the comments from viewers. Lately I have also been loving a lot of home decor websites too! I regularly read Hooked on Houses and The Nest for inspiration. 

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