Tuesday, July 26, 2011

House Hunting Mission: Complete!

Hi Y'all! Got to start practicing my southern twang ;-)

Here's the update on my house-hunting trip to Clarksville. We found a house!!

My mom was there with me through the entire process, lending her input and previous home-buying experience which was greatly appreciated. We arrived late on Wednesday night so we started looking first thing on Thursday morning! We looked at eight houses that first day, and wouldn't you know it, "our" home was the second one we saw! But let me tell you, house hunting is exhausting!! I don't think I could see straight that night...we just threw on our pj's, ordered a pizza, and called it a night! We started again first thing Friday morning looking at a few other houses and we went back to our top two to look around again. This time I took videos to give Ian a better feel of each home. I knew, having gone back to look again, which one I was leaning toward, but since he wasn't there, I didn't want to try and persuade him too much. I held my breath when he watched them but to my relief he picked the one I loved the most too! So I called our fantastic realtor up later that night and we met and hammered out an offer!

Then the loooonnnnggg wait began! The homeowner was out of town so we had to give them extra time to respond. Good thing there is a winery near by because by Saturday afternoon I really needed to calm my nerves!

On our way to explore Nashville that night we finally got the call! The sellers made a verbal counteroffer (until they could get home and sign official paperwork) and it was a very good offer! We accepted!! I signed our acceptance on Sunday, and signed my portion of the loan application on Monday morning before we headed to the airport. Now we just have to pass inspection (scheduled for Monday) and the appraisal, and the home is ours! EEEKKKK!!! So exhilarating but terrifying at the same time!

Here are some photos of our home (fingers crossed, please!) and our time in Clarksville  - which I l.o.v.e.d.

Our home :-)

The kitchen really spoke to me 

Looking from the kitchen and eating area into living room


Master bedroom (note: all those blinds on the ground are going to be put up)

His and her closets looking into bathroom with his and her vanities

Bonus room

Dining room 

Mom and I at Beachaven Winery 

The King and I in Nashville

Mom overlooking the river near downtown Clarksville

Downtown Clarksville - note to self: Nothing is open on Sundays! 

Gorgeous churches are on almost every corner!

I absolutely cannot wait to move there now! Please wish us luck with the rest of the closing process! 


  1. Cute house! Love the kitchen and the hardwood floors. We have a few friends who have been stationed/are currently stationed at Campbell and they love it! Good luck with closing and PCSing :)

  2. Kell! I cannot wait to see you and your beautiful house:) looks like you and your mama had a great time together too!