Thursday, August 4, 2011

House Update!

Is August over yet? I just want to get to our new home! (And out of Arizona!)

The closing process is moving along swimmingly! Here's a brief update on what has been going on.

We had the inspection and were happy with the findings! The sellers agreed to fix the following:

  • Replace missing shingles on roof and repair/replace plumbing vent pipe boots on the roof that were cracked. (Anyone know what these "boots" are?) 
  • Correctly wire an electrical switch in the garage
  • Fix the laundry room faucet so that hot water does not drip when turned off. 
  • Repair/replace missing and damaged insulation to the A/C unit. 
  • Repair/replace window sash spring in an upstairs window
  • Dry the condensation and dripping water found in the crawl space under the home. They will be replacing insulation, secure a dry foundation, and will  treat/remove fungi spores through a licensed company. (This is the item where we are most concerned but from what I gather, this is a common issue in TN due to the high humidity.) 
The items we will be responsible for are:
  • Getting the fireplace professionally cleaned before use in the fall
  • Replacing a missing bathtub drain stop
  • Replace missing shower rods 
Though there are some areas we definitely want fixed, overall we were happy with the inspection report. We were especially nervous because our home was previously a foreclosure that has been flipped very recently so we are unaware of the condition of the home before hand. Thankfully everything will be fixed! 

In other house news, the VA Loan requires an appraisal of the home to take place to ensure that we are not overpaying (and thus being over-lent too much money) for the home. This was done and everything came back good! We also have had our loan approved by the underwriter! Yay!  

Next up is a pest/termite inspection and the items to be fixed per the inspection! Then we are ready to move forward with closing! According to the mortgage company, we are ahead of schedule considering we aren't closing until the end of the month. 

Lastly, I found a link with pictures to the way our home used to be. Can you say ugly paint job? I mean seriously, who picked the colors? A color-blind person perhaps?? Pictures of our home pre-flip.

We feel extremely blessed at how smoothly the process has been going so far and pray it will continue this way! 

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  1. That's so exciting!! But yuck to those old colors. What were they thinking?! And throughout the house... :(