Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Planning, Plotting and Perusing

We are painfully inching closer to our move! Three weeks from now we will be on the road!

Until then I have spent my days, among other things, building piles like this:

My mind literally will not let me stop envisioning our new home and all the ways I want to decorate it! I have lists, magazines bookmarked, paint swatches, files, and more all on decor alone! Am I ridiculous? Absolutely! But I can't help it! 

It seems our television is set to one channel and one channel only, unless True Blood or Jersey Shore are on of course (don't judge me!) and that is: 

I am especially loving Bang For Your Buck but Property Virgins and My First Place are regulars as well.

Generally while I am watching HGTV I will have my computer on my lap, surfing through a number of my favorite home improvement blogs. I would have to say the one that inspires me the most is Thrifty Decor Chick, and if my home could resemble her home I would be one happy camper! 

My friend Ashley also made the mistake of introducing me to a little website called Pinterest and poor Ian has barely seen me since. It's a great resource for all elements in life - home decor inspiration, recipes, travel, photography, great reads, and more! You can create your own profile and add "pins" in all categories that interest you. Plus you can follow your friends and they can follow you! It will be very helpful come Christmas and gift-giving time! If you would like an invite to join please let me know...I would love to follow you!  The one caveat - I do not have nearly enough money in the bank to do all that I see on this site! This sadly true piece cleverly sums it up: 

So onto you: Do you have favorite blogs you love? Websites you can't turn away from? Clever thrifty decor ideas I can steal? :) 


  1. Great job Kelli! I am very, very proud of you for many reasons. Love your new format on the blog. You are a natural. I am also a faithful follower of I also really like and

    Darn have got me hooked on Pinterest. I can spend hours getting inspiration and motivation. I have seen somewhere, which I am trying to incorporate in my life... "stop pinning and start doing".
    Congrats to you... Love you~Auntie

  2. Love your blog. I cannot wait to move! I love reading Real Simple and Better Homes and Gardens for inspiration.

  3. Thanks, Tay! I also love Real Simple - especially for the recipes! :)