Monday, May 2, 2011

A mini-milestone!

This past weekend, my friend Ashley and I both did something we never have done before: we ran a 5k race! We participated in the 14th Annual Fort Huachuca Combat Medic Run in support of Combat Medics who have been killed in action and those still serving overseas in theater.

Now, for many this must not seem like a big deal at all. But for me, this represents several things. First, that I willingly ran in a race. I have never, ever, ever been a runner, I have never enjoyed it nor have I ever tried to improve at running. So my second feat was that I ran over 3 miles! Just the other week I even ran 5 miles (not in a race but on a treadmill). Third, I am hopeful that this is the start of a new era in fitness for me. My next goal is run a 10k race in the near future and eventually maybe even a half-marathon! I can't lie, as of right now I really don't have any desire to run a full marathon! Lastly, I was proud that I beat my previous time! I finished the race in just under 30 minutes - around 29:50, making my mile time just around 9.5 minutes...previously I was running around 11 minute miles or longer!

Sometimes I feel silly being so excited about completing my first 5k when my own husband has run a marathon and I hear about several friends and family members running half and full marathon's all the time! I know my feat is pretty small potatoes in comparison. But everyone has to start somewhere right?? ;-)

Here are some pictures of my big day!
We don't look too optimistic... 

And we're off! 

Here comes Ashley! What a stud! 

So happy to see the finish! 

Look Ma's! We did it! 

My hubby...a.k.a Cheerleader/Photographer 


  1. Love everything about this post!! I could have written those words myself. I'm so proud of us and so happy that I had you to do it with me!! Bring on the 10K!

  2. Congrats, girlie!!!