Saturday, April 30, 2011

Is it August yet??

Ian and I were very excited to find out that his next duty station will be at Fort Campbell, Ky! He will be part of the 101st Airborne Division, which coincidentally is the same one the men from Band of Brothers are in, which is Ian's favorite movie. (Upon finding out we were going there, we started watching the series again! 6 times for me, 1 million for Ian). Ian got his RFO (Request for Orders) which makes it pretty darn official. He graduates his career course in July, but will be taking an additional one month long course, so we will head to Campbell around the end of August

Although Fort Campbell is in Kentucky, we will most likely live in Clarksville, TN, just across the border. Both of us have heard several wonderful things about the post and the town! Plus, we will have several of our friends (From A&M, Fort Lewis, Fort Huachuca) there as well! 

I just might get caught saying "y'all!" 

We are also very excited about living in this part of the country. Nashville will be less than an hour away and I fully plan on stalking Tim McGraw and the like. We also are hoping to check out the Kentucky Derby and the nearby Carolina's. Also, it will be fascinating to be in an area with so much history! I can't wait to explore all the Civil War historical sites! 

I am going to have to convert Ian over to "Nashville" Country music. 

The Derby = Big, fabulous hats and mint juleps! 

Though I really have enjoyed our time here in Sierra Vista, AZ, now that we know where we are going I can't wait to get there! Minus the whole moving and driving for days on end again. :-) 

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