Sunday, April 3, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge - Days 3 & 4

Ok so a). I know I am behind and b). I skipped day 2...because I thought it was stupid. A picture of something I ate. Nothing was that interesting.

Day 3 - Describe your perfect first date: Well since I am never going to have another first date again, I'll just describe our first date! Ian picked me up right on time at my house (I later came to find out he had driven by earlier in the day to make sure he knew exactly how to get there and wouldn't be late. How cute is that?!) and he took me to a local Mexican restaurant. Now, I have to say, that we both LOVE our Mexican food, but it's safe to say this was not the yummiest of locations. But in Ian's defense, he was brand new to the area. We had some great convo there, and unlike previous dates I had been on before that, Ian actually seemed interested in learning about me! We then went to a cute old theater and watched the movie "Juno." (Even though I had just seen it with some friends...I both really wanted to go on a date with Ian and loved to movie that much!) Ian says he fondly remembers me warning him of my "snorting" habit when I get to laughing too hard! It was a wonderful first day, but I sure wouldn't of minded if it ended with a kiss... Ian says he was both a bit scared and trying to be a gentleman. ;-)

Day 4 - Your favorite photograph with your best friend: Well first off, we have way too many photos to decide which is an all time favorite, but here are two that remind me of great times together.  The first is a picture of Brianna and me at our favorite watering hole in Portland - Duke's! No trip home together is complete without a trip to this country bar! The second pic is of the two of us at one of our favorite places on earth - Montana! This was during a trip to visit "our" Aunt Charm and Uncle Craig's new, gorgeous home. It was during Ian's deployment and was a perfect get-a-way! This photo is at Lake McDonald in Glacier Natl Park. Side note: If you haven't been, you MUST go to the Flat Head Lake/Kalispell/White Fish region!

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